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Lil Wayne is still poppin’ off at Young Thug after Thugga announced he was naming his next album Carter 6. The “Lifestyle” rapper ended up changing the album title, but Weezy’s still mad. Peep his latest rant and check out Waka Flocka’s 2016 presidential announcement campaign video inside….

The Lil Wayne vs. Young Thug “beef” continues….

It appears Wayne is still pissy over Young Thug (who is managed by his newest frenemy Birdman) attempting to name his next album Carter 6. So, during a recent tour stop, Wayne fired shots at the rapper, hurling a few expletives to air out his frustrations. Typical Weezy ish.

You’ll recall, Young Thug made headlines after announcing he was naming his upcoming album Carter 6. You KNOW Weezy wasn’t having it, especially since his album Tha Carter V hasn’t seen the light of day, which launched a $51 million lawsuit against his “daddy” Birdman and the Cash Money label.

Following Thugga’s release of his Carter 6 cover art (which he posed naked for) and Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter poppin’ off via Twitter, Thugga decides to change the name of his album to Barter 6. He shared on Instagram that he was being threatened with a lawsuit over the album title, so he changed one letter and released it this past Friday, April 17th. He also posted a video saying he had planned to hold a listening party in Wayne’s hometown of Hollygrove, New Orleans, but he has since deleted that video and didn’t hold a party there. (He was in Atlanta at a strip club to celebrate his new album).

Anywho, as Wayne makes his rounds on his “Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Release Party Tour,” he stopped in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend where he had a few choice words for the Atlanta rapper…again.

In so many words, he said Thugga can “suck his d*ck!” SIGH.

Peep the video footage below:

Lordt…when will it end?

In other rap news….

Waka Flocka claims he’s running in the 2016 presidential election. And his first order of business? Legalize marijuana!

During a sit down with Rolling Stone as she rolled up some “presidential kush” (a strain of marijuana), Waka announced on April 20th (a holiday for weed recognized by stoners) that he plans on running for the President of the United States in an official campaign video. His motto? “A blunt a day keeps the pain away.”

Marijuana isn’t the only issue Waka plans on taking on. He wants to ban ALL dogs from being allowed inside restaurants and oddly, he wants everyone with “big feet” to not be able to walk in public. Wait…what? He said, “They have to take trains, cabs, and busses. I don’t wanna see your big a** feet taking up all the space on the concrete.” Sighs… Peep his annoucement above.

Apparently, no one told Waka he has to be 35-years-old to run for President of the United States. Waka will be just turning 30 in 2016, so…

Bloop! See ya in 5 years Waka!

Photo: Wayne’s IG

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