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Can we get the slow hand clap for Jesse Williams? Find out why he deserves it inside…

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams was he 2016 BET Awards Humanitarian Award recipient Sunday night. And he topped off his honor with a super powerful acceptance speech.

Like Samuel L. Jackson said later in the evening, Jesse sounded like the closest thing to a 1960’s civil rights activist America has heard in a long time.

The actor read America for filth about taking its time to give black people their true freedom, equality and their due. And he even told critics of new age activists to fall back, and come up with a point-by-point plan of how America has created a system of opression before criticizing point by point the way folks are fighting back.

He also had words for critics from the other side of aisle who love to criticize folks using their right to protest:

“If you have no interest in equal rights for black people, don’t give suggestions to those who do.”

Once Jesse said we, the black community, are going to stop waiting around for what we deserve and we’ll just begin to take it instead, plenty of fists went in the air in support.

By the way, his former co-star on The Butler, Elijah Kelley (who is starring in the upcoming New Edition Story), said during the aftershow:

“When I worked with Jesse on The Butler, this is exactly who he was. This is who he is, what he stands for, there’s no gimmicks.”

Check out Jesse’s acceptance speech in full below:

Say it loud, we’re black and we’re proud!

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