Radio Host Gets Ambushed By Her Own Co-Hosts, Quits Live On The Air

#Roommates, if you live in the DMV then you already know it was very lit on 93.9 WKYS this morning! Danni Starr got set up by her own co-host when they decided to bring in a babysitter who she chose to not hire because she was attractive and didn’t even give her heads up!

Danni Star openly stated that she was looking for a new babysitter and in her search it is her preference not to hire a pretty female to be in her home as a nanny based on bad past experiences.

DJ Quick and 5’9 took it upon themselves to invite the female who DM’d Danni for the position on air without her knowledge this morning to discuss the “discrimination” of not hiring a pretty girl.

Danni felt so wronged by her co-hosts that she had to refrain herself from cussing them out live on the air and told them that today would be her last day.

Were they wrong for this?

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