Eight Brit Awards, four Grammys, a Golden Globe, an Oscar and decades spent topping music charts somehow escaped a Los Angeles radio station that sent a letter inviting the legendary Annie Lennox to send in her latest MP3 single for its consideration. 

The icon shared a copy of the note on Facebook on Thursday, joking, “I think I’m in with a chance ??!!!” Lennox blacked out the station’s name, but that didn’t stop her many fans from commenting on the post speculating which Los Angeles radio station with a program director named Glenn and a new music coordinator named Kylie could have sent the note.

Lennox’s post racked up more than 2,000 comments just hours after she shared it on Facebook.

Some commenters lamented the possibility that a person working in radio today might not know of Lennox. Others wondered if the letter was automated and somehow reached the recording star in total error without the station even realizing it sent out the note. The Wrap speculated that the note may be a phishing letter or total scam targeting unsigned musicians.

Regardless, commenters agreed, if “new music coordinator Kylie” hasn’t ever listened to songs like “Here Comes the Rain Again” or albums like “Diva” or “Touch,” she must do so immediately.


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