#Roommates, #RKelly has had a rough 2018 to say the least! Between sex cult allegations, his home robbery, cancelled tour dates and being temporary pulled from streaming platforms, there’s a new development from a sheriff who is suing the R&B singer for reportedly having relations with his wife!

According to @Blast, court documents reveal #RKelly reportedly wants no parts of a deposition that will ask R. Kelly questions about the alleged affair. To make matters worse, the man who is suing R.Kelly is actually a Sheriff named #KennyBryant who wants to question him personally.

Kenny claims R.Kelly participated in a full-blown affair with his wife and ruined not only his marriage, but his life in general. Interestingly enough, Mississippi is one of the very few states that allows a person to sue someone for breaking up a marriage.

Though R.Kelly admits he knows Kenny’s wife, he has denied having an affair with her, Kenny is adamant that they carried on an affair for about five years. Kenny also alleged that R.Kelly reportedly gave his wife chlamydia. To make things even messier, Kenny says what eventually tipped him off was when his wife wanted to move to Georgia, where R.Kelly lives. Kenny also claims everything R.Kelly had a concert in their town, his wife would disappear for days!

Kenny is suing R.Kelly for ruining his marriage and causing emotional, psychological and financial loss. Whew chile! You really can’t make this stuff up Roommates! R.Kelly on the other hand feels like he doesn’t owe Kenny a penny for what he did (or didn’t do) and wants the whole case thrown out.

Source: https://theblast.com/r-kelly-refusing-deposition/

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