R. Kelly has been quiet for a long time. He’s finally opening up his mouth to speak on the portrayal of him in the Aaliyah Lifetime TV Movie.


Even though the movie was a ratings win for Lifetime, it definitely wasn’t a fan favorite.

Wendy stated in an interview that she wanted to get involved in the movie to make sure the storyline was correct.

One of Wendy’s main focus was to include the R. Kelly storyline in detail.

Wendy quoted in an Interview —

“I wanna not just hear about R. Kelly. Don’t skate over it. This needs to be a big plot line. I want to know what her father said when 16-year-old Aaliyah brought home 28-year-old man. I want to know what her mother said. I want to know what her brother said. How did Aaliyah get started? And how did this R. Kelly thing affect her career?”


Well, Kellz is clapping back! You know he is funny anyway. Kellz visited “The Big Tigger” show to celebrate his 48th birthday yesterday.

Big Tigger didn’t waste anytime. He immediately asked R.Kelly about his thoughts on the Aaliyah movie.

Kelly replied:

“You asked me this question. I didn’t know you was gonna ask me that. Listen, I didn’t watch that. Once they said they was making a movie and somebody was gon’ be playing me? Can’t nobody play me, homie.

You got to know me to play me. You don’t know me, you can’t play me. It’s impossible. So why should I watch something….that’s not real? When I’m real.”

Peep the video:

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