The blogs were buzzing when R. Kelly‘s daughter Jaya announced she wanted to be a boy. Her mom Andrea Kelly, accepted it with open arms (which she should have) there’s nothing like a MOTHER’S love… but, then people were wondering what her dad, Kellz had to say about it. Some people were saying he was unhappy about it and didn’t want to touch on it. But, he sat down this past weekend and discussed it at Summer Jam, in Chicago.

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R Kelly discussed Jay’s new identity during a recent chat with WCGI’s “The Morning Riot” and to be honest, I still am lost:

“Well, you don’t really want to open this up with saying my daughter is becoming my son,” he told his interviewer.

The host explained that she was simply quoting the blogs and the father of three responded:

“I know, but don’t even give the blogs that kind of credit. But as far as that’s concerned, always believe what you see—with your own eyes that is. That’s the best way to go about this business I’ve heard a lot of things about a lot of people and it was never true.”

What’s interesting is that Jay has already confirmed his transgender identity. But the controversial R&B singer says that people should even question what they “see with their own eyes.

“Even when you see it with your own eyes, you gotta know that there’s a backstory. It’s a background, that’s why you can’t judge nobody.”




The conversation was concluded with Kelly saying that he never addresses things that are said or written about him (and his family).

“I don’t address that though. That’s the thing. Why do you think I’ve been here for 27 years and still relevant? Because I don’t address sh*t that’s dumb. I just don’t do it.”

Clearly, he doesn’t plan on actually addressing this anytime soon…or ever for that matter.

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