Plus-size model Mia Amber Davis has passed away. No cause of death has been given. The beauty was best-known for her work with Ashley Stewart, being the face of Jill Scott’s Butterfly Bra, a cameo in the movie “Road Trip,” and serving as Creative Editor-at-Large for Plus Model Magazine.

In a statement for The Huffington Post, Jones said: “Davis was a wonderful wife, caring daughter and loyal friend who will be missed dearly. The PLUS Model Magazine family is deeply saddened by the loss of our sister and want to thank our readers for their support and prayers. Our June issue will feature Mia on the cover as a very special tribute to our angel.”

Davis appeared on CNN back in 2009 to discuss obesity in America. She told Campbell Brown and MeMe Roth, “Sizeism is the last acceptable prejudice….We’re targets, but yet we’re invisible everywhere else. The media doesn’t showcase overweight people, overweight women are not seen in Hollywood. It’s like, why are we being targets but we’re invisible everywhere else?”

She added, “If you are gay, you can ‘play’ straight. If you are a certain religion, you can ‘play’ another religion. You can’t hide the fact that you’re overweight and nor do we want to. I’m proud of the way I look, I’m proud of my body. I’m proud of all of my friends and the hard work that we do to maintain our curves.”

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