As you get older and continue to mature as adults we learn that life is about choices. Give and take. Picking your battles and arguments wisely and hoping for the best. We do it all the time and everyday in all aspects of our life. From our career to dealing with our families. Whether we like it or not sometimes in certain situations and when dealing with others we are forced to bite the bullet and just deal.


So why is it that when it comes to relationships we have total control over, do we choose to settle? When it comes to dating, despite the fact that we can do better, why do we choose to date down?

Now keep in mind I am by no means shooting down dating someone on a different economic or educational level than you. This has nothing to do with socioeconomic differences this has to do with character.

What I’m talking about is the woman who works, holds down her house, pays all her bills, makes an effort to keep her appearance together and yet she still continues to be with the guy who has no job, mooches off other people, has no real goals or aspirations in life and he always seems to be getting into something. Why do we settle? Why do we have it in our minds that these are the types of men we deserve-that deserve us?

Have we been brainwashed to think we don’t deserve better? That we shouldn’t have standards? To take what we can get? On the other side of the spectrum often times if you are woman who absolutely refuses to settle on any of your standards you are deemed either too picky or “non-dateable”. So where do we draw the line? Speak on it below.


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