I have always heard horror stories about people who used Pro-Active only to have their skin become worse than it actually was before.  Particularly after they stopped using the product.  I can remember a few years ago a friend of mine tried to use Pro-Active,but after about a month of using it she said that she had to stop because it was making her face peel. Then about 2 or 3 weeks after she stopped using it, her face broke out worse than it did before. I have heard many people say (including a licensed dermatologist that I know) that Pro-Active is one of those products that you have to keep using once you start and if you don’t plan on using it consistently then don’t even bother trying it.  

But then again, I have heard others praise the results.  So I don’t know. I have never needed to use it (thank you Lord!) and I pray that I never do.
All of this came to mind after seeing this picture of Alicia Keys:

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