Atlanta’s rising star, QT Jazz has officially released the video for her new single entitled “Back Up Off The Wall” featuring Atlanta rapper, Issa

QT Jazz and Issa

As CEO of “So Jazzy Ent.” QT Jazz aims to take center stage with her debut introductory song entitled “Back Up Off The Wall.” QT Jazz delivers with confidence and skills of an artist set for longevity. Being tapped as a pint size combination of Janet Jackson, Ciara, and Beyoncé, QT Jazz proves to be the total package.

After seeing her show stopping performance and meeting this ever so humble talent, it is evident why QT Jazz is the epitome of a star.

(Official Video)

Growing up in the business alongside of Tiny, Kandi, T.I., Tamar Braxton and The OMG Girlz, QT Jazz started her career as soon as she began to talk. As a young child she loved to sing, act, and dance and it was evident by the age of three that she loved the camera!

QT Jazz and “Star” of the OMG Girlz @ 5yrs old

QT Jazz has traveled all over the United States performing with some of largest names in the entertainment industry. With a busy schedule including: high school, where she is an honor student, dance rehearsals, live performances, starring in movies, TV shows, commercials and occasional fun, QT Jazz is setting the tone for a successful career.

Having opened for and worked with, multitalented entertainers such as: Neyo, Monica, B.O.B, Mindless Behavior, Diggy Simmons, Jacob Latimore, Jawan Harris, Yung Joc and Lil Wayne, to name a few, QT Jazz has been well prepared for a career with limitless boundaries.

QT Jazz

QT Jazz has a five step guideline she uses for preparation in the music business:


You must love what you do and give 200%. If you do not spend time working/training on your craft daily you may fall short of the others that do.

QT Jazz and Issa


The amount of money you will need is based on your team’s level. (Just remember you are competing with the stars on TV and radio). Be honest with yourself and understand your audience. Things you may think you can’t afford to do, you can’t afford not to do.

QT Jazz


Looking your best may not be enough. You have to look THE best.


You must be amazing. Train well in all your talents to always give the audience the sum of all your talents…100%!


So many artists get overlooked because their song doesn’t make the crowd engaged. Without a hit song, none of the above matters. You need the right combination! QT Jazz put together her dream team that consists of a major artist manager for her business and image consulting and “Gphonix,” as the best at producing and writing all her smash hits. “Gphonix” has recorded several major artists and has the right chemistry for QT Jazz’s style.

QT Jazz

Also on her starting lineup are American Idol contestant “Dallas,” as her vocal coach and she shares the choreographer for Ciara, Usher and Justin Bieber, “Victor Carter.”

Lastly, with the addition of ABDC Royal Flush Crew members Aaron and Jarred by her side on stage, the right formula for Atlanta’s Pop Princess QT Jazz is complete!

QT Jazz


QT Jazz

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