According to Sandra Rose it’s been 48 hours since Internet video sensation Kat Stacks walked out of a federal prison, after being detained for 2 years on immigration charges. One of KT’s biggest supporters when she was behind bars was Q, the man behind video streaming empire


Yesterday, an industry insider accidentally let slip the real reason why Q made sure money was always on Kat Stacks’ books when she was on lockdown. The insider confirmed that Kat Stacks is in fact Q’s girlfriend.

 It was Q who met Kat Stacks outside the prison walls with a 1st class plane ticket in hand. And it was Q who made sure that all of her bills were paid and her family was well taken care of.

Q converted into a multimillion dollar enterprise after spending 8 months sleeping in his car.

A shrewd businessman, Q signed Kat Stacks after her YouTube video exposing promiscuous rappers went viral.

There are rumors that Q was never at a loss for female company while he waited for Kat to be released or deported. But if that is true, Q was just being a man.

Human beings express our true love for each other through our actions. And as far as Kat is concerned, Q’s actions speaks louder than gossip mongers’ words.

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