So…. Gumbumpers, we got a new song on deck from Singer/Actress, Ashanti entitled “Never Should Have Left Me” from her new album “Brave Heart” the song is straight POP and sounds like a winner to me… but, that’s only my opinion. In the song Ashanti sounds broken-hearted and hurt that the guy she loved wasn’t feeling her in the same way….


She sings:

You never should have loved me
You never should have touched me
You never should have never should have told me you loved me and you would never leave me
Cause everything that you would do
It made me fall in love with you
Until you left and you made that mistake
And I can’t take it back if I wanted to

After hearing the song I’m sure one would automatically place Nelly in the picture…. Hmmmmm, maybe she’s talking about him. Anywhoo.. I want your opinions Gumbumper. Pump it or Dump it!!?

Nelly and Ashanti Breakup

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