Toya Wright is allegedly being sued by the publisher of her NY Times bestselling book “Priceless Inspirations”!   Farrah Gray  is accusing Toya of failing to properly promote her book “Priceless Inspirations”, which he published. Interesting allegation, because  she did nothing, but promote the book.

Toya took to her Twitter to address the lawsuit while claiming that Farrah Gray is the one that owes her money:

The things people do for Attention. SMH

Please beware of who u do business with….not everybody is happy for your success. #thedevilisaliar

you must really be BROKE….. u trying to sue me for 1 million dollars. for whAt??? give me 1 good reason.

how are you gonna sue me when you owe me money?????#wheretheydothatat

let me remind you Farrah Grey……are you forgetting that “Priceless Inspirations” was your 1st and only NY times bestseller.‪#imjustsayin‬

Another lawsuit from Farrah Grey….. It can’t be the authors. U need to take a look at yourself. #Getittogether

im so sorry tweethearts….but i refuse to let anyone lie on me. i did all i can do to sell my book and promote it. so all of this is BS!

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