Secret is bringing its infamous confession app to Android and iOS users.


The company also announced both apps are now available globally.

Secret, a smartphone app that allows users to post messages anonymously to friends on their social networks, and to their friends’ friends, is available everywhere except the few countries where it’s banned. It had previously been only in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

The Android version will offer users two streams of anonymous messages: one that comes only from friends and friends of friends, which is the crux of the iOS app; and a second stream only to show messages from users who are nearby, in the same neighborhood or city, but aren’t in your network. Secret’s founders say the new “explore” stream, not yet available for iOS, will give users insights into news, gossip or social quirks that are trending around them.

Well with Secret now open for much of the world to divulge its deepest and darkest thoughts, experts say the startup faces a greater risk that it will become the go-to platform to expose trade secrets or delicate business information — think the recipe for Coke or the specs of Apple’s next invention.

“Someone may share on Secret anonymously a company’s secret sauce,” said Joseph Lorenzo Hall, chief technologist for the Center for Democracy and Technology. “That would be misappropriation of a trade secret and (Secret) could be subpoenaed.”

I can tell you now this is going to be real MESSY!!

So what’s your secret Gumbumpers?

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