#Roommates, this principal has taken petty to a whole new level. Marie Desforges, the head of PS 328 in Brooklyn, suspended a teacher’s aide without pay “professional misconduct”—yawning.

According to NY Post, Edsheda Brown was given a five day suspension. In a disciplianary letter, Desforges told Brown, “You yawned loud enough for me to hear you while I was walking down the hallway outside a staff meeting.”

What’s even crazier about all of this is that Desforges accused the aide of getting snappy with her over the yawn.

When she told her that the yawn was “inappropriate,” the aide said, ‘What, that is how I yawn.”

Teachers said that Brown was completely taken back and asked the principal, “Are you trying to reprimand me for yawning? It’s a bodily function.”

Brown makes $24,688 a year, had got to work at 8 a.m. and the staff meeting happened after students had gone home for the day.

Faculty memebers at East Nee York elementary aren’t feeling the principal at all. One teacher sent an email to Mayor de Blasio pleading for him to step in.

“We have put in years of blood, sweat and tears to pull our students up to where they are at this point,” the e-mail read. “Please help us!”

In the letter she also got on the aide for another incident: “hanging out in a teacher’s classroom, conversing and eating lunch.”

The principal claimed that Brown “interrupted the instructional time of students,” but her fellow co-workers claim that isn’t true at all.

“There was as no instruction going on,” one teacher said.

Desforges has handed out 30 disciplinary letters since she started.

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