Warning: This post is basically one giant spoiler for the series finale of “Pretty Little Liars.” Proceed with caution. 

After seven seasons, “Pretty Little Liars” has come to an end and we finally have an answer to the show’s most burning question: Who is A.D?


Who is Alex Drake? She’s Spencer’s twin sister ― surprise! ― who grew up in England, which explains the accent. 

Why did she torture the Liars? Well, she met Wren one day at a bar, who told her all about Spencer, naturally making Alex jealous of the life she never had. She was also friends with Archer Dunhill and Cece Drake, her half-sister. When she found out Cece was killed, she blamed the Liars, and set out to get her revenge. That’s where the game came in. 

Alex had been hiding in plain sight, right there all along. It was she who asked Toby for one last kiss before they parted ways; it was she who spoke to Ezra at the airport; it was she who told Hannah she’d be OK when she was being held in that torture cellar.  

Theories that Spencer had a twin had been swirling online throughout the whole season. In that sense, the big reveal was a little predictable, and we might even say underwhelming, but here we are. To all the sleuths out there who figured this out, nicely done!

Now we can all get back to real life ― far, far removed from Rosewood. 


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