[Final] ObamaClassroom1

It was a very exciting and welcoming day for many residents of Georgia as they anticipated the arrival of President Obama on Valentine’s Day. This is a particularly special visit because Georgia is my home state. When Obama announced, “It’s Good to be in Decatur” I couldn’t help but to be rowled up in excitement. The president said, “Decatur” as if he was saying my name. Even though I live in an entirely different area the fact he was so close and was showing love is what brightened my day.

President Obama’s visit was an important one of course. He came to promote and endorse early childhood education and what better place to do it than at College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center. In his speech at a new recreational center towards welcoming Georgia residents he, [paraphrase] “highlighted and praised Georgia’s Pre-K system and emphasized the importance of making quality preschools available for every child”. Very special message to give on a day enriched with showing others how much you love and care about them!

For added pride for my home state Mary Margaret Oliver indicates “Georgia was the first state to have pre-K open to every 4 year old”. To be the first at anything is historical and epic so I totally agree  when she says, “Georgia is a leader”. Georgia will be known as one of the stops on Obama’s State of The Union Tour and as a supporter of our President I’m sure he has made an even bigger impact on the children he was able to engage and play with that day as well. One particular girl Jordyn Johnson had her unforgettable moment in time giving the President a hug. Like many kids, she was a “little bit shy” as she explains but continues on to say, “I felt good about myself and just went ahead. I didn’t even know he knew my name.” The kids have all the luck, don’t they?!? The day could be the start of something monumental and more personal Jordyn realizes within yourself; I can do anything. Uncertainty nor fear will stop me from doing what matters to me and others.



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