President Barack Obama helps catch Karmel Allison after she became faint during his speech on Obamacare at the White House.


Allison, who has type 1 diabetes, began to swoon as she stood behind the president during his 25-minute speech in the White House Rose Garden.

Obama immediately stepped in her direction to assist the wobbly woman saying, “You’re OK. I’m right here. I got you.” He joked before returning to his speech, “This happens when I talk too long.” Officials quickly came to escort Allison off the stage. She later tweeted, “I’m OK world—just got a little lightheaded.

She later took to Twitter to thank the commander-in-chief for the catch, saying: “I’m ok world- just got a little lightheaded.Thanks, @BarackObama for catching me! And good thing this pregnant diabetic is pregnant :)”

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