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President Barack Obama was tapped to deliver a eulogy for South Carolina state senator Rev. Clementa Pinckney for his funeral today. And the spirit moved POTUS as he broke into hymn, singing “Amazing Grace.” Check it inside….

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama jetted to Charleston, South Carolina (via Air Force One) today to attend South Carolina state senator Rev. Clementa Pinckney homegoing service at the TD Arena.

Rev. Pinckney was amongst the nine innocent citizens who lost their lives as they worshiped the Lord during Bible Study at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (where he served as pastor) last week. The victims lost their lives at the hands of racist thug Dylann Roof fired several rounds of shots inside one of the nation’s oldest black churches.

Wrapping up his eulogy about the gracious Rev. Pickney (whom he had the chance to meet in 2007 when he first ran for President), POTUS got caught up in the spirit and began to sing gospel hymn “Amazing Grace.” He started out by saying, “If we can find that grace, anything is possible. If we can tap that grace, everything could change. Amazing grace.”

He then began to sing as the church full of mourners stood to their feet and joined the President in song.

The organ started playing and as mourners sang along with President Obama, he powerfully said,

“Clementa Pinckney found that grace. Cynthia Hurd found that grace. Susie Jackson found that grace. Ethel Lance found that grace. DePayne Middleton-Doctor that grace. Tywanza Sanders found that grace. Daniel L. Simmons Sr. found that grace. Sharonda Singleton found that grace. Myra Thompson found that grace,” he said. “Through the example of their lives, they’ve now passed it on to us. May we find ourselves worthy of that precious and extraordinary gift as long as our lives endure. May grace now lead them home. May God continue to shed his grace on the United States of America.”

View the video below:

Below are a few highlights from his eulogy where he talks about Rev. Clementa Pinckney’s legacy, race in American and the Confederate Flag:

“We are here today to remember a man of God who lived by faith, a man who believed in things not seen, a man who believed there were better days ahead off in the distance,” the president said at funeral services for Pinckney at the TD Arena in Charleston. “He believed his efforts would deliver a better life for those who followed.”

“Maybe we now realize the way racial bias can infect us even when we don’t realize it,” the president said. “For too long, we’ve been blind to the unique mayhem that gun violence inflicts on this nation.”

“It would be a betrayal of everything Reverend Pinckney stood for if we allow ourselves to slip into a comfortable silence again. Once the eulogies have been delivered, once the TV cameras move on, to go back to business as usual. That’s what we so often do.”

“He was full of empathy and fellow feeling. What a good man. Sometimes I think that’s the best thing to hope for when you eulogize. After all the words and recitations and resumes are read, to just say somebody was a good man.”

“It’s true a flag did not cause these murders. As we all have to acknowledge, the flag has always represented more than just ancestral pride. For many, black and white, that flag was a reminder of systemic oppression and racial subjugation. We see that now.”

“Removing the flag from this state’s capitol would not be an act of political correctness, it would not be an insult to the valor of confederate soldiers it would simply be an acknowledgement that the cause for each they fought, the cause of slavery was wrong,” he added to standing ovation. “By taking down that flag, we express God’s grace.”

Here’s full video of Obama taking us to church:


Before POTUS made it to Charleston, he addressed the American people about the Supreme Court ruling same-sex marriage legal. In short, President O called the ruling a “victory in America.” The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today, in a 5-4 decision, that gay and lesbian couples across the country have a constitutional right to marry.

And this was the look on President Obama’s face once heard the Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling on Obamacare:

This is the moment Pres. Obama heard the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare — [ ]

Posted by ABC News on Friday, June 26, 2015

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