#Roommates, let’s send our thoughts and prayers to the family of social justice activist #AmberEvans.

The body of Evans, who had been missing since late January, was recovered from Ohio’s #ScotioRiver in #Columbus over the weekend. Evans was a well-known community activist in Columbus and worked with a variety of social justice organizations, according to @theroot.

She was reportedly known for playing a key role in organizing protests at Columbus City Hall and had worked with Juvenile Justice Coalition since 2015. She was promoted to executive director just weeks before her disappearance.

The cause and matter of Evans’ death has not been released. “While this is not the outcome we hoped for, we understand this brings closure for the family. Our thoughts & prayers go out to them,” said Columbus Police in a press release.

She was reported missing in late January, following a domestic dispute with her boyfriend of 10 years, police told @nbcnews. Her boyfriend had cooperated with investigators and no arrests were made as Evans’ case was said to be that of a “distraught missing person,” according to police.

According to NBC News, Amber went to work the morning of Jan. 28; she left following a 5:30 p.m. meeting after telling her coworkers she wasn’t feeling well. She was last seen in security footage at a local store, where she bought cold medicine and a Snickers bar.

Police found Evans’ abandoned car later that evening in the Scioto Mile area in Downtown Columbus with her purse in the trunk; her phone was found on another part of the Scioto Mile the next day.

“Police have said since the beginning of the investigation that there were no known domestic violence issues in Evans’ relationship and there was no reason to suspect foul play,” according to the Columbus Dispatch,

Evans’ mother, Tonya Fischer, expressed her grief on Sunday on Facebook Live.

“I’m coming on here as a mother who has just found out that I lost my first-born child,” Fischer said. “I love you all, and you all know I’m more than willing to accept all that you have to give… but just give me a moment. Just a moment. Give my family a moment.”

We will update you on any new developments in this story, Roommates.

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