Beyonce sold 1 million copies of her new album in just 1 week!! That Bey is BADD!! No promotions, no marketing dollars behind it and no hype! That’s LOTS to be happy about. Beyonce proved she was still a regular chyc by calling up a small group of friends and celebrating at Dave & Buster’s in Times Square.

Beyonce clearly had plenty of energy left following her concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Thursday, Dec. 19. Soon after her show ended, the “XO” singer made her way over to Dave & Buster’s.


dave and busters

beyonc d&b

Queen Bey posted quite a few pics from the event on Instagram. She was joined by several fans and friends, including Drake, who collaborated with Beyonce on the track “Mine.”

Drake grabbed a mic and told the crowd:

“I just came out tonight to let you know congratulations to each and every one of you that worked on this s–t, for real. And of course to the queen, the utmost congratulations.”

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