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Looks like there’s drama brewing between Porsha Williams and Teyana Taylor. Although they’re both gearing up to release “unbothered” apparel, they both seem to be a tad bit bothered with one another. In other news, Kanye West and Dame Dash have “cut the middle man out” (is that a shot at Jay Z?) and have reunited for a new project. Deets and receipts inside…

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams and singer Teyana Taylor seem to be in the midst of a little Internet beef. It appears the ladies are bickering over the “rights” to use the term “unbothered” on apparel they’re both currently working on to release.

Based on Porsha’s Instagram, it looks like she’s releasing some t-shirts with the word “Unbothered” painted across the front. She took to her Instagram earlier this week to alert her fans that they can pre-order her new tees Feb. 8th.

The problem is, Teyana claims to also be working on a clothing line via her company UNBOTHERED LLC, so she took issue with Porsha using the coined term for her own “line”. Peep Teyana popping off in Porsha’s comments below:

The “Maybe” singer suggested she take down the post, but it’s still up. And Porsha is still going forward with her “unbothered” t-shirts as well. She posted the picture atop and below today to show she still plans on releasing her shirts.

Recently, Porsha called up the Rickey Smiley Morning Show to address the “beef” and chick threw plenty of shade. During her chat with the radio hosts, she kept calling Teyana “Tatiana”, she said she had NO idea Teyana was doing a clothing line, and said she is not doing a clothing line herself, but rather, just selling some t-shirts.

Oh…she also suggested Teyana contact her legal team to explain to her that she can NOT trademark the word “UNBOTHERED”. (Porsha MAY want to check with her legal team as well).

Check out what she said below (at 4:15 mark):

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Sooo…since Porsha was talking “paperwork”, Teyana pulled out her receipts to prove she owns a limited liability company with the name UNBOTHERED:

Bloop! But…if Teyana didn’t actually trademark the name yet, she might be up a creek….

In other news….

Is Kanye West and Dame Dash about to get in the film industry together? Hmm…it seems like it could be a possibility based on Dame’s recent Instagram activity.

The State Property and Paid In Full director posted a pic of himself, Kanye West and Q-Tip alluding to working on a possible movie together, even comparing themselves to Dreamworks Studios co-founders Steven Spielberg and David Geffen with the caption:

The thing we don’t do historically and culturally is stick together but we are stopping that now if we stick together we don’t need any middle men from others cultures… We know we can do it on our own…but we are so powerful together…pause and we have our own money..we already made history in music so we can do that for fun so we’re gonna do movies… This is like when Spielberg and Geffen got together and did dreamworks…it’s time…me and kanye making movies and my brother Qtip was there to bless the deal #independencewon #cutoutthemiddleman photo by @raquelmhorn @loisaidas @damondashstudios @dressedtokill_ddstudios @toohonorable_ddstudios @qtiptheabstract

Cut the middle man out? Hmm…is that a shot at his former business partner Jay Z? Kinda sounds like it.

We’re sure you have heard the rumors that ‘Ye and Hov aren’t the best of friends these days, so maybe Kanye (who we must say is looking good in the above pic) & Dame are about to collaborate on something new. Guess we will just have to wait and see….

Photos: Porsha’s IG/Teyana’s IG/Dame’s IG

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