Gumbumpers, we told yall about the fight with Porsha and Kenya during the reunion show taping and according to FunkyDineva we’re hearing that the producers for RHOA does not allow any violence on their show, Porsha clearly broke the contract and now she faces being fired. New reports are coming out that the ladies might be stopping that from happening. But, this Porsha and Kenya tension has been brewing for a LONG time… Let’s see how this pans out.



FunkyDineva bumps:

Porsha’s job is in jeopardy, however many people close to the situation feel like her actions were very much justified. Kenya has been antagonizing this woman for the last two years and taking unwarranted jabs at her whenever she got the opportunity. To top things off, Kenya brought a wack a$$ crown and staff (bedazzled stick) to the taping of the reunion and was waving it around in Porsha’s face. I would have beat that b!tches ass too.

The entire cast is really feeling for Porsha right now and not featuring Kenya at all. So much so, that they are wiling to work as a collective to try and protect Porsha’s peach and get rid of Kenya’s a$$. Catch these T’s

There is no way around it, Porsha hit the Kenya and the contracts say you can’t do that, point blank period. Her actions based on what she signed call for termination. The only true lifeline that Porsha has left is if the entire cast bands together and holds out on signing their new contracts unless Porsha gets one. This would be such a noble act, however, we all know a b!tch is not going to put their neck on the line to the extent in which it places their job in jeopardy. #SelfPreservation. We all know a few of the heffas need that check!

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