Pooch Hall, aka Derwin Davis, was a guest on BET’s Lift Every Voicethis past Sunday and surprised many with the news that his 12 year old daughter is severely disabled. Pooch, who rarely discusses his personal life, revealed that his baby girl can neither walk nor talk and inspires him everyday.

34 year old Pooch is married to Linda Hall, a realtor in California and they have three kids, daughters Djanai and Djaedra, and son Djordan.
When talking about his daughter, Pooch was visibly emotional and said,
“She may can’t walk or talk , but shes a very happy 12 year old who loves everyone. She doesn’t see a person’s color, and she smiles all the time. She inspires me to be the best.”
In an earlier interview with Black Voices, Pooch shared even more:
BV:In real life, you’re a family man with a wife and kids. How do you balance that with being a Hollywood actor? 
PH: I try and keep my family life private. I don’ t like to bring work home but it is becoming harder the more popular ‘The Game’ becomes because I will be with my kids and they are wondering ‘Why do people want to take a picture of my daddy?’ My oldest daughter is developmentally delayed and handicapped. A lot of people don’t know that about her because I’m sensitive about her and protective of her and all my kids, but that really changed my life. My oldest daughter requires a lot of attention and work and that’s where my wife comes in and is a strong woman. She can’t be as great as she can be because she has to make sure that my daughter can be her greatest.
BV: What do you think your daughter has taught you?
PH: She is a gift and a beautiful being. A lot of people complain about stuff that is really dumb. My daughter can’t walk or talk and is one of the happiest people on the planet. All she knows is love. I take a page from her book. The world would be so much better if we don’t judge. I don’t complain about dumb s**t. I don’t complain about all red M& Ms or if my water is room temperature.
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