#Roommates, let’s talk about this story. A security guard lost his life on Sunday when an officer responding to a bar shooting mistakenly shot and killed him. Jemel Roberson had dreams of becoming a police officer and his mother has filed a lawsuit against the officer who took her son’s life, according to @TMZ_TV.

In the court documents, his mom says the shooting was “excessive and unreasonable.”  Aside from suing the officer, she’s also suing the Village of Midlothian and wants around $1 million for damages.

Jemel was doing his job at Manny’s Blue Room Bar Sunday in Chicago when a couple of customers got a little too drunk and got kicked out. They ended up coming back with guns and fired off a couple rounds.

Jemel ended up shooting back at the men and was able to catch one of the men. He put his knee on the suspects back and had his gun facing him so he wouldn’t move. When the officer responding to the 911 call arrived on the scene, he shot and killed Jemel.

One of the people who witnessed the tragic shooting told the site that the officer “saw a black man with a gun, and basically killed him.”

The sheriff’s department has opened up a criminal investigation so we will keep you updated on this story!

We went over to Twitter pulled a few reactions from this heartbreaking story:

“ICYMI: while the second amendment is supposed to protect all citizens gun rights, it’s clear they believe it’s not right for us Black folk to own a gun, even while we do security work. #JemelRoberson.”

“When any black guy with a gun is a threat… even when he is just doing his damn job. This is why we must say #BlackLivesMatter⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠. #JemelRoberson #WhyTheyTakeAKnee.”

“Drunk unruly men asked to leave a bar return & open fire. Cops show up & murder 26-year-old Black armed male security guard #JemelRoberson despite other patrons yelling “he’s security!” Deserves the same attention as #ThousandOaksMassacre wgntv.com/2018/11/11/mul… #BlackLivesMatter⁠ ⁠”

What are y’all thoughts?

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