#Roommates, a few police officers just made a huge drug bust worth a whole lot of money! According to #Associated Press, authorities have confiscated $18 million worth of cocaine in goes of bananas that were donated to a Texas prison.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice announced in a #Facebook post that the drugs were confiscated after a prison guard noticed a white powdery substance underneath one of the banana boxes. After the guard noticed the powder, he then went to each box and started investigating.

It all began when two prison guards were tasked in getting two pallets of ripe bananas from the Port of America in Freeport, Texas. When they arrived to grab the designated load, that’s when they noticed the box and the white powder. Shortly after the discovery, Customs and Border Protection showed up as well as Drug Enforcement Administration to get to the bottom of the shocking find.

About 540 kilos of cocaine was confiscated from 45 different boxes of the donated bananas. DEA sergeants are now investigating the confiscation. AS of now, authorities haven’t publicly pinned down a source to the donated bananas but have said they are definitely in a thorough investigation to find where the bananas came from.


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