Lark Voorhies was my ultimate favorite on TV’s “Saved By The Bell” back in the day where she played the super cute teen Lisa Turtle. Well, something happened…I have no clue as to what but, Lark was spotted wearing a cute clothing ensemble but, her makeup was FLAWED! She hasn’t been seen in public for almost two years, but Lark made a rare appearance at a movie premiere over the weekend. If I can make a recommendation I would suggest Lark’s people contact my people over at So She Cosmetics for a makeup fix-do-over. I’m sure they’ll send her the product for free!


Ooops, did I say that? Anywhoo… The 40-year-old looked lovely in a white dress and silver stilettos as she attended the Where We Started premiere in Hollywood, California on Friday night. She wore her hair down and straight and completed her outfit with a silver necklace, but it might be time to sack the makeup artist as she seemed to be suffering a foundation fail.

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turtle lisa

Despite the odd look, and of course celebrities have to be wary of the bright lights coming from camera bulbs, it’s great to see Lisa doing so well. The actress appeared to be in good spirits as she paused and posed for the cameras.

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