The sudden popularity of mobile hit Flappy Bird isn’t the only thing soaring.


 Several auctions have popped up on the online marketplace eBay featuring iPhones that included an installed copy of Flappy Bird, which was removed from app stores by its developer after it skyrocketed to the top of the  Google Play and Apple App Store.

Dozens of enterprising eBay sellers are piggybacking on the popularity of the game – and the news of its sudden withdrawal over the weekend – by selling phones pre-installed with the Flappy Bird game on Apple iPhones and Android smartphones.

Different sellers are offering mobile phones with Flappy Bird for between $300 to $5,000, mostly for white iPhone 5S.

There is one auction, who seems to be exploiting the popularity of the game to an extreme. One white iPhone 5 is being offered by “kristenater91” started at $750 on Sunday and has now reached $90,000 after 62 bids by 18 different bidders.

It is not clear whether fraudulent bids have inflated the price, but the auction is due to end at 17.43 PST on Monday.

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