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Could Pharrell Williams pen the next great children’s novel? Find out what the “Happy” writer has in store for kids inside and check out Hood By Air’s sexy cut-outs, high-slit skirts and low-cute tops…for men.

Move over Harry Potter….you and the rest of the wizards are about to get some competition. Hit songwriter Pharrell Williams is ready to cast a spell on the book industry through a series of children’s picture books.

The “Happy” Grammy winner has signed a deal with Putnam, who announced that they’ve planned a book based on P’s hit song “Happy.” Due Sept. 22nd, the book will feature photographs of children from around the world “celebrating what it means to be happy.” It’s getting an initial printing of 250,000 copies. That’s huge!

In the fashion world….

The next time you get a peep at Kanye’s pecs or see Young Thug’s inner thigh you can thank the man above. Not God. But Shayne Oliver. Shayne turned NYC’s MB Fashion Week on its head with his glamorous collection Hood By Air. And it SHOCKED the audience with skirts, low-cut tops and cut-outs all designed for men!

HBA was conceived in 2006 as a small streetwear project ( (logo T-shirts and hoodies) celebrating a party thrown by Shayne Oliver (pictured above) and his friends. The party was called GHE20G0TH1K (Ghetto Gothic) and it started in Williamsburg before migrating to the Lower East Side and Brooklyn. Described by “The Cut” as aggressively inclusive, HBA wasn’t gay or straight, skate or hip-hop or art or fashion—it’s all of those things.

Who wears HBA? Rappers Kanye West and A$AP Rocky and Rihanna are among the notables.

See more from the 2015 presentation here.

Photos via ELLE/Pharrell’s Instagram

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