Southern Belle & Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks teamed up with her husband, Apollo Nida, for a workout DVD that’s just in time for your New Year’s resolutions. Phine Body by Phaedra & Apollo makes fitness fun with a workout that incorporates dance, core work, and lots of squats to get your donkey booty right and tight!

Phaedra at down with Style Blazer to discuss her tips on keeping it cute while working out, and even achieving the ultimate ‘donkey booty.’

On keeping her hair ‘in tact’ while excercising:

Phaedra– “I wear my hair natural sometimes and if I’m trying to really keep my style, the market has created so many little headbands that absorb the moisture which are great. But I just find that if I pull my hair up in a ponytail, and as soon as I finish working out, I smooth it out. If I’m going to wear it naturally curly the next day, I double twist or whatever I’m going to do, I do it immediately so that I set it.”

On staying healthy amidst southern cuisine:

Phaedra– “Diet is just as important as exercise. But I’ve been in the South all my life [laughs]. I love Southern cuisine, but there’s a healthy way to prepare it. And you can make things and adjust sodium with lemon, fresh herbs, fresh garlic, and there’s not as much fat. And I always say, I never diet, because the first three letters in “diet” is “die.” So I don’t believe in dieting. I believe in making smart choices and having a healthy relationship with food. And that really means eating a lot of small meals and eating things that you enjoy, but maybe not overindulging.”

On achieving the perfect donkey booty:

Phaedra- “Well, you know what? All booties can be beautiful booties. It’s just a matter of toning and lifting them. Some people think a donkey booty is just a gigantic booty but it’s not. It’s a nice perfect round behind, and anyone can have it. And you can start off as flat as a board. And if you work the glutes, you can build the muscle, so it has that nice curvy appeal. Do some squats, some lunges, you will really see your legs and your behind just lifting. To be honest the more slimmer body bottoms, they have more definition once they get worked out because it’s not as much to cover up all the detail.”

You can order their DVD on December 11th at


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