This week folks are protesting against the church ladies on the reality show called “The Sisterhood” A new petition has surfaced on, which is being spearheaded by a woman by the name of Ann Cooke against TLC’s latest reality project, The Sisterhood which follows the lives of five pastor’s wives that live in the Atlanta area. According to the petition, the show provides a poor depiction of what it means to be a pastor’s wife and is offensive to the Body of Christ.


The petition reads:

 ”The Sisterhood is being portrayed as a Christian reality show, featuring Preacher’s/Pastor’s wives from Atlanta, GA. The previews and highlights of the upcoming show is pure garbage and does not portray the reality of being a Christian or the reality of being a Preacher’s or Pastor’s wife. The airing of this show is not only offensive to the Body of Christ, but it is also degrading to Women of Color (specifically). This show mocks everything that we, as believers, stand for. It is disgusting, disgraceful, inappropriate and an inaccurate display of what we strive to accomplish as Christians. The airing of this show only adds more fuel to the ever-present distasteful stereotype that we, as Christians, fight daily to erase. We must stand together and put an end to TLC’s clear derogatory distortion of the Body of Christ and Women of God (specifically, Preacher’s and Pastor’s wives)! Please spread the word.”

What do you think, are folks overreacting?

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  1. what she should be petitioning is the white tanned pastor delana who obviously want some color but has a Plantation est 2010 SIGN on her front door!!!

  2. There is basketball wives, was football wives, soccerball wives and Hollywood exes. Shoot I’m getting tired of this wives shit. Like it really is getting annoying. All they do when they get around eachother when they do hang out is just eat, shop, fuss, fight and more other lazy shit. The same story over and over. Like one thing for sure is that it’s getting on my nerves. This Real Housewive stuff is getting on my nerves also. Like it’s starting to become whack Like lets be real about this crap man.

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