Gumbumpers, you know we must be living in a world where anything goes when people can give a child killer the title “Celebrity.” I mean what are we celebrating here? Yeah, George Zimmerman needs that azz whooped NO DOUBT! But, he needs not to be glorified on national TV and PAID for it… Many people are PISST as this news comes on the heels of what would have been the birthday of Trayvon Martin.

Day Of Remembrance Peace Walk Held In Honor Of Trayvon Martin

There has been a few petitions circulating and we’re asking you to sign the petition to STOP this madness. I refuse to celebrate a damn killer. And DMXC’mon now son!! That isn’t a good match up IMO anyway!


Gumbumpers, let’s petition to stop George Zimmerman’s Celebrity Boxing Match that he has coming up with rapper DMX. This is not right, this is cruel to the Martin family and behavior like this should not be allowed in America! Please share as many times as you can to get this petition signed.


Currently the petition has almost 44,000 signatures and need 52k more.

Sign the petition here ==>>>>

Lest not set ourselves back any further people!

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