Reports are circulating that Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, wants to move out of the home she has been living in with her grandmother, Katherine, and her two brothers, Prince and Blanket, since her father passed away almost four years ago and move in with her biological mother, Debbie Rowe.


“Paris loves the fact that when she’s out with Debbie, there aren’t any security or bodyguards around them,” a source says. Her grandmother’s “extremely old-fashioned beliefs” and “a string of turbulent rows in the Jackson home” reportedly also contribute to her desire to move out.The source continues, “Debbie has called for talks between her, Paris and Katherine. She thinks they all need to sit down and discuss the situation to avoid any more rows and try to make any transition as easy for Paris as possible.”

Paris is trying to convince her brothers to move out with her; however, Prince wants to respect his late father’s wishes by not seeing his mother, who signed over all of her parental rights to Michael.
Is Paris being a BRAT or what??

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  1. Mrs. Jackson A Jehovah’s Witness. If this young lady does NOT want the life her grandmother lives THEN BY ALL MEANS LET HER GO! She is too mouthy and grown as it is. Michael left behind one big mess. I remember reading her mother signed away her rights, didn’t want them, BUT TOOK MONEY FOR THEM. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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