Michael Jackson’s posthumous album, Michael, had vocals by Jason Malachi, Michael’s daughter Paris Jackson reportedly told a friend. According to TMZ , Paris made the shocking admission during a video chat that is now being shopped around to media outlets.

The album containing previously unreleased tracks was released on December 14, 2010. It’s lead track, Hold My Hand, is a duet recorded in 2007, purportedly featuring Michael and Akon. An incomplete version of the track was leaked to the internet in 2008.

The announcement was made during an online video chat with several friends in 2008 just before the “Michael” album was released, which contains several previously unreleased tracks allegedly performed by Michael Jackson. The video chat was recorded and Paris joked about the footage eventually “leaking” to the Internet.

Paris had made the announcement in the midst of rumors that MJ’s parts on the “Michael” album were REALLY performed by an MJ sound-alike named Jason Malachi… but both Jason and Sony denied the allegations.

During the video chat, Paris played one of the songs from the album, “Hold My Hand” … and one of her friends asks why the singer doesn’t sound like MJ.

Paris replied, “It’s NOT him … the whole album isn’t even him!! Go online … go on YouTube and look up Jason Malachi. That’s him!!”

Sources tell TMZ that those shopping the video have already received offers.