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Married WNBA stars Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson’s roller coaster relationship continues. New reports suggest Brittney filed for an annulment from her wife a day after Glory announced they were expecting their first child together. And get this…they’ve only been married for 28 days! But do we believe it? Decide for yourself inside….

Yesterday, WNBA star Glory Johnson took to her Instagram to announce she and her new wife Brittney Griner were expecting their first child together. Just last month, the seemingly happy couple tied the knot at the Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Arizona. But, it seems, things have gone totally left since then (again)…IF these new reports are true.

According to TMZ, Brittney trekked it to the courthouse to officially file papers for an annulment from her wife Glory after being married for less than a month. SAY WHAT?!

They exchanged their “I Do” on May 8th, just a week and a half after they were both arrested for a domestic violence situation at their home.

They were both suspended for 7 games by the WNBA although Glory will be sitting out the upcoming season due to being pregnant. Brittney was ordered to do domestic violence counseling, while Glory’s case is still pending.

We’re aren’t totally sold on the annulment allegations since hours ago, Glory posted this:

She captioned, “One day until I’m reunited with my Wife @brittneygriner . . . This is about to be one CRAZY SUMMER!!! #TooExcited #NewLife #NewAdditionToTheFamily”

Hmmm…what do you think? Is it over…OR will they be back together in a few weeks?

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