Rumor has it that Matt Barnes is calling it quits and moving out of his mansion home shared with his wife Gloria Govan due to trust issues. For many, “Trust Issues” meant one of them had cheated. But now its looking like the “Trust Issues” were over money Gloria Govan stole from her hubby to fund her reality show. Gloria Govan forged Matt’s signature to borrow $150,000 from a woman by the name of Nina Rawls, And now Nina is suing the couple for the $150k, however Matt is saying Gloria Govan forged his signature.


Here’s the tea:

The woman behind the lawsuit is Nina Rawls — the widow of R&B legend Lou Rawls — who claims Gloria approached her back in March and asked to borrow $150k for a TV project produced by Gloria and Matt’s production company.

Rawls says she agreed — but the loan had to be repaid in full just 2 MONTHS later. According to the suit, May came and went and Gloria (who stars on “Basketball Wives: LA”) never ponied up the dough.

Eventually, Nina says Gloria ADMITTED that she forged Matt’s signature on the loan docs in the first place. Nina wants the full $150k back, plus damages.

Hmmm… Let’s see where this goes!

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