Seems like Lil Kim won’t be rapping about that bag anytime soon because it looks like all her checks gotta go straight to her Jersey mansion!

A Bergen County, NJ judge just ordered Lil Kim’s home’s foreclosure after Kim stopped communicating with the bank in regards to the lawsuit against her. HSBC Bank sued the rapper in 2010 after it claimed she stopped paying the nearly $10,000 a month mortgage on her palatial Alpine, NJ estate the year before. HSBC made a deal with Kim, where she promised to make the $9,935 a month payments. Kim stopped paying in 2009, and now it looks like Kim gotta pack her bags because the realtor wants her out!

Kim attempted to come up with a payment plan with the court, but the bank claims Lil Kim stopped responding to the suit earlier this year and on May 4th, a judge decided to approve Kim’s foreclosure.

As of January 2017, the bank said she owed a total of $1,929,358.88 on the mortgage, including interest and taxes, according to court documents.

Looks like she’s gonna need the whole Bad Boy family to chip in!

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