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When NOT wearing underwear goes totally wrong! Lenny Kravitz learned abou it the hard way last night. Get the deets on his major wardrobe malfunction and check out the unedited pic inside….

So…maybe deciding to go commando wasn’t the greatest idea.

Rockstar Lenny Kravitz is currently making his rounds on the European leg of his STRUT tour. Yesterday, the 51-year-old rocker hit the stage in Stockolm, Sweden to perform cuts from his 10th studio album where he suffered a major wardrobe malfunction. Like…SUPER major.

As he was rocking out on his guitar, dude bent down and SPLIT his leather pants, exposing his man parts for concertgoers (and the world) to see. We can’t post the raw image here, but you can check out the unedited photo here, thanks to a fan who timed the snapshot perfectly.

Check it at the 10-second mark below:

We assume he felt the extra breeze between his legs and hurried off stage to change his pants. Ha! It’s reported he came back out and addressed the crowd saying, “Sorry, I ripped my trousers.” Guess he likes to “let it hang” when wearing hot leather pants. Rock out with your c*ck out then Lenny!

He has yet to address the malfunction…and probably won’t anytime soon.

Photo: @Lshah11Shah

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