#Roommates, in an undercover sting called “Operation Off the Menu” NYPD officers have busted a McDonald’s manager for reportedly selling thousands of dollars worth of coke!

According to Vice, it seems Frank Guerrero, the Mikey D’s Manager had an entire system worked out where he could deal and stay undetected for years! Prosecutors say he kept his drugs hidden in the restaurants soap dispenser then he would stuff the drugs into a cookie bag and throw that in when a customer ordered burgers and fries.

It looks like Guerrero didn’t use any secret code words for customers, he just knew his clientele. He eventually got caught after selling almost $10,900 worth of coke to an undercover cop through 8 transactions. Police raided his home and found 200 grams of coke and a little over $5000 in cash. He’s since been arrested on criminal sale of a controlled substance, along with possession and paraphernalia charges.

Source: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/mb7wbp/this-mcdonalds-allegedly-sold-burgers-fries-and-a-bunch-of-cocaine-vgtrn

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