Roommates, never let your circumstances define your life! You can be anything you want to be as long as you put your mind and heart into it, and that’s exactly what happened to Shaquem Griffin. He was recently selected in the fifth round of the NFL Draft by the Seattle Seahawks, and his story is truly something else.

According to ESPN, he has been without his left hand since he was 4 years old but he didn’t let that stop him from reaching his life-long dream. He was one of the most memorable people from the NFL Combine, running a 4.38 after not even being invited at first.

What makes this story even better is that he’ll be joining his twin brother Shaquill Griffin who is also on the team. Shaquem is listed as an outside linebacker.

Seattle definitely believes they have a star on their hands.

“I can’t tell you who but I had somebody tell me they had met (college basketball coaching legend) John Wooden before and that the feeling they got sitting down with John Wooden for five minutes was the same feeling they got from Shaquem,’’ Seahawks general manager John Schneider said at the Combine. “He’s a special dude.’’

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