It takes a lot more than talent these days to have a longstanding career in the music game. That’s right, I said it: “Talent alone in the music game is not enough…Sad, but true.

If you look at today’s charts you’ll see the trend. The trend of singer’s who are also producers, writers, and/or singer’s who had a career singing background vocals for others in the beginning of their career. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s pretty much the smart way to go!

I’d say: Just ask the kid that has NEXT!

A’la: Kenyon Dixon


My take is this: You need to add value to your name in the industry and you’ll have a longer career span. While doing so, you’re building quality relationships with those that have influence. Relationships are key and oftentimes it’s those relationships that add credibility and trust to your arsenal. Many, people don’t get it!

Gumbumpers, we had a good time on our media day call with Singer, Songwriter, Background Vocalist, Dancer, Philanthropist, Kenyon Dixon. He’s not the new kid on the block! In the world’s eyes he may very well be. But, behind the scenes Kenyon has been kicking ass and taking names all while building his pretty impressive repertoire.

Currently, working with talented heavy weights Brandy, Tyrese Gibson and Mary J. Blige you can only wonder what he’s working with.

Vocally, he’s a beast!


Listen for yourself:

When asked which artist gave him the most creative control in the studio Kenyon laughed and said “Hmmm… That would be Tyrese, of course!” He told us that Tyrese is like a brother to him and he trusts his ability to bring a vision to life.

Writing hit songs for TGT and Tyrese have proven that there’s a great musical chemistry and bond there with Kenyon and Tyrese.


kenyon tyrese

My favorite song is “Waiting on You” in which he penned for Tyrese’s “Black Rose” album. The inspiration behind that particular song was merely Kenyon staying true to himself and real old school, R&B music.

Kenyon who is also from Tyrese’s very own stomping grounds — Watts in South Central, LA has a family background in music. So, his talent is pure! In the past he has done background vocals and toured with Nick Jonas, Kelly Rowland, Usher, Tyrese, John Legend, Faith Evans, Pharrell, Kimbra and many others.

Kenyon has 2 singles on iTunes and is currently working on his next release, an EP entitled SUPAFLY.

You can get those two singles from iTunes:

Higher Ground

Twenty Four

You can also hear snippets from the highly anticipated #Supafly EP on Kenyon’s Instagram:

Snippet 1
Snippet 2
Snippet 3

Philanthropically, Kenyon and a partner recently established career based workshops called “Thee Master Class.” It’s a series of classes geared around entertainment (singing, songwriting, artistry, etc.).

They’re preparing creative individuals to position themselves for opportunities by sharing their own experience in these fields. Kenyon and his co-founder felt like a lot of people gain leverage/status and never reach back out as far as showing people how to actually obtain that success. Their first workshop, held on November 8th, was geared towards vocalists. They covered everything from professionalism and vocal health to the difference between background singing/lead vocals and gave them resources on where to find opportunities.

To stay in the know all all things Kenyon follow him on social media:


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