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Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz have put their massive New Jersey mansion up for sale. Find out why the Deans are looking for an even bigger mansion inside….

When you’re living the life of the rich and famous, there are moments when you make big decisions to keep the family happy. And that’s exactly what the Deans are doing.

“28 Thousand Days” singer Alicia Keys and her superproducer husband Swizz Beatz are in search of a colossal sized mansion…even bigger than the 25,000 sft. home they already own.

The Deans have placed their Englewood, New Jersey mansion, dubbed “Eight Acres of Showtime,” up for sale as they search for their new abode of love. But why?

Well, it’s being reported the Deans are looking to re-locate to find an estate that can hold their sizable art collection. As you know, the Deans are huge art fans with Swizz’s “Dean Collection” growing by the minute. So, they’re hoping to move into a home that can accommodate their luxurious hobby.

Luxurious is the word to describe their current home that’s now on the market:

As for their NJ mansion, labeled as one of the most sought after estates in Englewood, it includes 25,000 sq. ft of gorgeousness that they copped back in 2013 from comedian/actor Eddie Murphy.

The home includes 8 bedrooms, a beautiful indoor pool pavilion, an at-home movie theatre, 2 lane bowling alley, an indoor pool, a tricked out recording studio, a gym, a private elevator and more.

How much do you have to cough up to live like the Deans? Well, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. The estate is on the market for a cool $14.9 milli. As for the Deans’ new home, TMZ reports the couple will be building their new kingdom of love from the ground up.

Must be nice!

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