Damn, Michael Ealy has surely come a long way since his debut in the movie ‘Barbershop,’ back in 2002. Not saying he wasn’t handsome then but, it’s looking like someboTy has started to get their grown and “Swexxy” on…. Yes, I spelled that correctly… Ladies SWEXXY is when a man, not a boy has this SEXXY azz swagger about himself!!

Ladies, are you feeling me? Get it… So, now I’m back to my original post…On the July 2012 cover of UPSCALE Magazine Michael Ealy graces ‘Memoir Of A Bachelor.’

Actor from the new hit TV Show “Common Law” and love interest of Taraji P. Henson on Steve Harvey’s “Think Like A Man” Ealy bumped gums with the magazine on his dating life and lots more…

On why he doesn’t date indstry chicks:

“I’ve been done with [dating industry women]. You do it for years and years and years—theater, television, film. It’s a workplace thing… But the difference for me now is that I’m mature enough to know that this is a work thing. The minute we stop production, I’m not going to feel this way anymore.”

On why his past relationships were a bust:

“I think there was a part of me that was just attracted to the crazy. I tended to involve myself with women that brought drama. And I had a bit of a savior complex. I thought I could save them from whatever daddy issues or cheating issues [they had].”

Ok ladies, thought I’d give you a Friday treat to go with this post:

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