Chrisette Michele was hospitalized the other day for a ‘ruptured appendix‘ which led to her having to cancel several appearances. We’re hearing good news that the soulful singer is she doing better and recovering well. After she recovers fully she’ll be ready to join Keyshia Cole on the “Woman to Woman” tour.

On The Cover of 'Kontrol Magazine,' Chrisette Michele Bumps Gums About 'Almost Leaving The Music Industry & More'

In this issue Chrisette Michele bumps gums on her independence as an artist, how she felt once she realized the industry was stripping away her individuality and how she reclaimed herself.

“My weakest moment in my musical career came when I almost decided to leave the industry completely because I didn’t know that I could say no and do things on my own. I relied on the ‘experts’ to tell me what I needed and I thought maybe I wasn’t strong enough to say no.”

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