Actress/Model, Lisa Raye hit up the cover of Upscale Magazine for their March 2013 issue and she bumps gums on quite a few things; she talks about the possibilities of getting hitched again, her failed marriage to Prime Minister Michael Misick and on her success. Lisa also has new line of Luxury Indonesian Hair on the market that’s being sold at

Star Strandz, Luxury Indonesian Hair Lisa Raye

Peep what Lisa had to say:

On getting hitched again:

“I can’t wait to get married again. And when I do it this time,I’m sure as hell going to do it right. My real significant other. My spiritual soulmate, for real for real. I want to be as complete of a package without all of the baggage as I can be.”

On her marriage to Turks and Caicos Prime Minister Michael Misick:

“That drama put me on my knees. It put me on my butt. It allowed me to accept my mistakes, soul search and reach deep inside of me and develop a new relationship with God. I got high on the hog and lost focus. Now I start my day in prayer and work on my awesome personal relationship with Him.”

On her success:

“I’m not an A-List, B-List, C-List or D-List actress. I’m just on the list and I’m OK with that.”

Lisa Raye,Upscale Magazine

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