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Outspoken rapper Azealia Banks is defending herself regarding the “sex” comment she made about President Obama. See what she said about the joke inside and why she thinks the media is sexualizing her…

“Ice Princess” rapper Azealia Banks is quietly reaching household name status…but for all the wrong reasons. On the heels of a critically-acclaimed artistic video for “Ice Princess” and nailing a coveted cover of PLAYBOY, her recent BILLBOARD feature didn’t paint her in the most flattering light. Now, many folks know her as the chick who said she wanted to f*ck President Obama.

The quote from the article read, (on President Barack Obama) “He’s so fine. Those big-ass white teeth and ears hanging off his head? I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I want to f— the president.'”

You can imagine the collective sigh around the country….

In her defense, Azealia says it was a joke and she said many intellectual things that were left out of the interview.

Followers of Azealia’s timeline can easily argue that she talks about race and politics (more than she talks about sex), but you wouldn’t know that from the BILLBOARD piece…

Will Obama supporters see the humor in Azealia’s statement? The verdict is still out. But she’s getting her karma. She tweeted,

Oh Azealia…..don’t come for the FLOTUS!

Photos via Azealia’s Instagram/Twitter

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