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Less than a month after we found out Ashanti and NFLer Darnell Dockett is dating (although neither of them have confirmed)…ish has hit the fan! Darnell’s baby mama Amelia Knox took to her Instagram to blast her baby daddy for not being with his kids on Father’s Day! And it appears she took a shot at his new boo Ashanti. Deets inside….

Well…it was only a matter of time before the “Ex-Factor” came into play.

Last month, we told you Ashanti was rumored to be dating San Francisco 49ers defensive end Darnell Dockett. Remember when she gave him a birthday shoutout on Twitter calling him “baybayyyy?” If not, catch up HERE.

Now, Darnell’s ex-girlfriend/baby’s mama Amelia Knox, who is the mother of his two children Dillon Dockett (8) and Riley Dockett (1), is firing shots at her baby’s daddy AND (possibly) Ashanti. Here’s what went down….

Over the weekend, Amelia took to her Instagram, posting a picture of a maintenance bill for the Range Rover Darnell gifted her on Mother’s Day a few years back. Apparently, she’s upset he won’t pay for maintenance after e purchased the car for her a few years ago.

Since he allegedly won’t answer her text messages, she decided a different approach to get his attention. She blasted him on IG for leaving the country on Father’s Day and not being with his kids. In the caption she writes,

“You’ll never leave the Range Rover dealership with a bill less than $500. To You, @ddockett90, since you never answer texts. I know this was a Mother’s Day gift to me from a few years ago, and I most sincerely appreciate it…but maintenance would’ve been nice..considering your kids are in it 24/7 when I’m not at work..we know you’re out here ticking off on different women, and taking your newest out of the country on Father’s lets consider this your Father’s Day gift to me #usuallyidontdothisbutuhhh”

Hmm…that last line about “taking your newest out of the country” definitely sounds like shade towards Ashanti because chick has been soaking up the sun in Costa Rica these past few days….

While no pictures of Ashanti and Darnell TOGETHER have been posted, it’s likely that’s who she is referring to. Darnell posted pics of himself in Miami recently, and Ashanti could have waited a few days to post these pics, so who knows….

As of today….

A photo posted by Darnell Dockett (@dockett90) on Jun 24, 2015 at 7:14am PDT

Darnell is currently in Miami getting his knee ready (he underwent ACL surgery) for NFL training camp. He said, “My boy @reef_fitness working on my knee extension. “Breaking scare tissue” I told him I need this comeback POY award!! Came along way!! getting ready for this brutal ass run in 100 degree heat in miami. S/o to my dawgs in the back ground @iwilliams93 and @nickmoody_ #alwaysWorking”

We get why she may have been mad that he was M.I.A. on her kids for Father’s Day. But, we’re confused on why she’s upset he won’t pay the maintenance bill on HER Range Rover! He already paid for it. Sighs…good luck with this one ‘Shanti.

Photos: Ashanti’s IG/Amelia’s Twitter/Darnell Dockett Tumblr Fan Page/Baller Alert

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