The OMG Girlz cover Kontrol Magazine’s new sister online publication KONTROL GIRL Magazine.  The magazine is an on-line magazine that caters to savvy young girls ages 12-18 focusing on Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment, Social Awareness, Health, Entertainment, and Life-style.

Inside the mag, Miss Baby Doll talks about what it’s like being one of the only girl groups in the game saying,

“It is such a great honor and blessing to be one of the only girls groups out right now, and as more girls groups come along, we are more than excited to convey the message of girl power.” She added, “We have all been very involved with the writing process for the album as well.”

And Miss Beauty revealed what fans can expect from the album saying, “The album is pretty diverse and not one specific genre. You can also get a feel for our growth as a group as well.”

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