Y’all, #Omarosa has been spilling all types of tea on the Trump Administration ever since she joined #CelebrityBigBrother! Monday night was no different as she warned people who are praying for the impeachment of #DonaldTrump that VP #MikePence is far worse.

“As bad as y’all think Trump is, you would be worried about Pence,” she told her #CBB housemates. “Everybody that’s wishing for impeachment might want to reconsider their life. We would be begging for days of Trump if Pence became president, that’s all I’m saying. He’s extreme.”

Ro-Ro, who is the wife of a preacher, says that Pence is an extremist Christian and believes that God tells him to do certain things. “I’m Christian, I love Jesus, but he thinks Jesus tells him to say things. I’m like, ‘Jesus didn’t say that.’ ”

Fellow cast mate #MarkMcGrath is skeptical of whether Omarosa is just talking smack to throw the rest of them off or if she’s actually telling the truth. “You always have to remember: This is Omarosa, a world-class reality-TV villain,” he said later in his confessional. “Is it true? Is it game? Is it her story? Is it the real story? It’s Omarosa’s world and I’m just living in it.”

What are your thoughts, Roommates?!

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG
Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2018/02/13/omarosa-we-would-begging-days-trump-if-pence-became-president/332573002/

Photo credit: HuffPost Black Voices

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